Who we are

In 2002 a few friends with a common interest – A Passion for Property! – got together and the investor club, The Townhouse Pro’s, was born.

No developer would sell a percentage of a new site to us, so we scoured ads and started investing in single units. Once we built up a small portfolio we realized the need for a reliable Rental Agency & in 2004 Rental Pro’s came into existence.

At the same time a developer gave us a chance to purchase 80% of a new site off plan. It went without a hitch and a strong relationship was formed (and still exists!). We continued to invest & our investors currently own just over 2000 units.

Once Rental Pro’s was up and running we noticed that a reputable & affordable maintenance team was hard to find, therefore we established Maintenance Pro’s in 2009. They keep our properties spic & span at an affordable rate!

Property rentals aren’t always a walk in the park and due to unforeseen circumstances tenants default on their rental payments. We collaborated with Vermaak Attorneys to assist with quick and efficient evictions (also at an affordable rate!). They also specialize in municipal account issues.

An investment is only an investment if you can sell your property for a profit. This is where body corporate management becomes crucial, we therefore started selectively taking over ill performing complexes and currently manage 6 complexes.

Rental Pro’s also specialize in managing single owned complexes and currently manage 1070 units owned by the same owner.

19 years and going strong!